Teens and Cell Phones

Being parents of younger teens of both, female and male you will hear , Mum/Dad when can i get a Cell phone?. Most teens now days have them some even have two cell phones, studies show that close to 25% of all cell phone revenues come from this younger age group. When this time comes and if your son or daughter does not have one they will start to feel left out. Yes most teens now days love them, and cant do with out them, its the parents that can end up in hot water over huge phone bills left from miss use of teenagers phone.

With very high charges for excess minutes used, or for text messages plus email and mobile Internet use, these services can end up burdensome. They say a phone at to young of age for a teenager, can change relationships both negative and positive with family. Also their is the other worry, of them giving their number out, that could lead to some dangerous liaisons that you would never want to happen. So how can you go about give them a phone, and make the experience positive, safe and a happy time for all? This is something the whole family needs to talk about, and come together as one over or it may not work. It is always best to help make teenagers make the right Positive choices.

Cell Phone Plans

The market for sales of cell phones to teens is huge and Cellphone rates, from cap deals, to pre paid or post paid, depends on what suits your needs. I would stick to a pre paid cap deal, that is small but they can only spend what they have on the account with no huge bills.

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